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[Huntsville Pack 03] - The Alpha's Fight
Michelle Fox


Title: [Huntsville Pack 03] - The Alpha's Fight

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When you'­ve lost your wolf, how do you get it back?­'­Jane Doe' has no idea who she is or why she wakes up in a...­nursing home? Full of shifters? She may not be old, but they say she is a shifter—­only her wolf is MIA and she'­s in some kind of trouble she can'­t remember to boot. And there'­s this guy, Ryder. Something about him that makes her tingle in all the right places. If only she knew whether or not she already had a mate, why she'­s been stashed in shifter '­retirementville' and where the hell her animal half went.­What if your wolf picked a mate you couldn'­t trust?­Former pro-­fighter Ryder Chase plans to get away from his no-­good pack alpha, Mason, and forge a new life for himself, but there'­s one little problem named Jane. Ryder'­s wolf wants her more than he wants to breathe. Mate. Mine. Finding his mate would be good news except for the part where she knows Mason. Is Jane mixed up with his alpha'­s dark side and everything Ryder wants to leave behind?­Full length, stand alone novel from NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Michelle Fox. No cliffhangers! Lots of plot!­Note from the authorWith this latest Huntsville book, I wanted to do something you'­ve never seen in a romance novel, let alone a paranormal one. Which is why a nursing home full of shifters is one of the major settings in the book. (Because, while shifters may get old, they never stop kicking ass.­) ­Now, most of the time, Huntsville shifters stay with their pack from cradle to grave, but occasionally there'­s a pesky 100-­year-­old werewolf who won'­t stop wandering into the human world and sprouting a tail because they'­ve forgotten the rules. Of course, the alpha can assign round-­the-­clock caregivers, but as it turns out, 100-­year-­old werewolves are also wily escape artists. Shifter packs need a place to keep their elders safe and out of trouble, hence Crescent Pines, the nursing home in The Alpha'­s Fight.­And if the pack happens to end up with a stranger who needs a place to heal while the sheriff investigates the trouble they'­ve found themselves in, what better place to stash them than a nursing home? (Full of characters about to cause major trouble. Naturally.­)Don'­t worry, there are also plenty of bars, a strip club, various cabins, vampires, shifters of all shapes and sizes and a whole lot of action with a big dose of steamy romance in The Alpha'­s Fight. I just wanted to mix things up a bit and give you a story that you most definitely have never read before. Enjoy!

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