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Political Tribes- Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations
Amy Chua


Title: Political Tribes- Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations

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From the bestselling author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and Yale Law School Professor Amy Chua, a bold new look at how longstanding false assumptions about group behavior have been the undoing of America's best laid plans, particularly in our foreign policy
We all want—­no, are compelled—­to be part of the group. Sports teams, churches, companies, nations, races—­some groups we belong to voluntarily, others we find ourselves enrolled in at birth. These groups shape our identities. Indeed, in some parts of the world, people kill and die for their group. But where Americans see divisions of ideas—­capitalism vs. communism, democracy vs. authoritarianism, the "Free World" vs. the "Axis of Evil"—­others see older and deeper group identities, not national or ideological but ethnic, religious, sectarian, and tribal. Time and time again this tendency has undermined American foreign policy. In the Vietnam War,...

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