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Noelle Adams


Title: Untouched

60 downloads, last downloaded at February 11, 2019

Once upon a time, there was a young woman whose prince hadn'­t yet found her.­Hannah has been waiting a long time for the love of her life to appear. In fact, she'­s been waiting for so long that she'­s twenty-­five now, and she'­s still a virgin. She hasn'­t given up on the love of her life, but right now she just wants to have sex.­ ­If her prince refuses to show up, she'­ll turn to a good friend to help her out with her virginity.­Bruce is one of her favorite people in the world, but she'­s never considered him a potential prince because he prefers casual sex and refuses to let his heart be touched. But he'­s good in bed ­and she trusts him completely, and that'­s what she needs right now. A romantic weekend at a grand ­wedding in the mountains is the perfect opportunity for her first time. She just needs to be brave enough to ask him.­Untouched ­is the second ­novella ­in the One Fairy Tale Wedding series, in which three friends make a pact to get what they really want during one wedding weekend.

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