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World on Fire World on Fire World on Fire
Amy Chua


Title: World on Fire World on Fire World on Fire

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For over a decade now, the reigning consensus has held that the combination of free markets and democracy would transform the third world and sweep away the ethnic hatred and religious zealotry associated withunderdevelopment. In this astute, original, and surprising investigation of the true impact of globalization, Yale Law School professor Amy Chua explains why many developing countries are in fact consumed by ethnicviolence after adopting free market democracy.

Chua shows how in non-­Western countries around the globe, free markets have concentrated starkly disproportionate wealth in the hands of a resented ethnicminority. These "market-­dominant minorities" - Chinese in Southeast Asia, Croatians in the former Yugoslavia, whites in Latin America and South Africa, Indians in East Africa, Lebanese in WestAfrica, Jews in post-­communist Russia - become objects of violent hatred. At the same time, democracy empowers the impoverished majority, unleashing ethnic demagoguery, confiscation, and sometimes genocidalrevenge. She also argues that the United States has become the world's most visible market-­dominant minority, a fact that helps explain the rising tide of anti-­Americanism around the world. Chua is a friend ofglobalization, but she urges us to find ways to spread its benefits and curb its most destructive aspects. "From the Trade Paperback edition.­"

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