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Wipe Out
Jeff Shelby


Title: Wipe Out

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The unexpected death of a friend in the surfing community brings an old classmate into Noah’­s life. A classmate looking for answers.­When Mitchell Henderson, the owner of The Blue Wave motel and an icon in the local surfing community, dies in a car crash, Anne Sullivan asks Noah to do a little digging. Not because she suspects any wrongdoing, but because she needs closure, and because she seriously doubts he was capable of reckless driving.­What starts as a favor to an old high school friend quickly becomes something more, especially when Anne finds herself on the wrong side of mysterious threats and outright harassment.­Noah soon discovers that there are more pieces to the puzzle than he realized, including a betrayed widow, a mountain of debt, and some shady characters who were pressing hard on Mitchell Henderson.­Noah needs to move fast. Not just to give Anne the answers she’­s looking for, but quite possibly to save her life, too.

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