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Body Casting Manual
Olivier Duhamel


Title: Body Casting Manual

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ISBN: 9781465815477, 9780011427485

The "Body Casting Manual" is a complete and easy to follow body casting instruction manual explaining in details how to make a realistic, life size and very elegant plaster sculpture of someone’s torso (or any other body part.­) A rewarding project. This handbook focuses on a simple yet wonderfully rewarding project. We have selected affordable and easy to source products and illustrated a method that is both proven and easy to implement, ensuring that you complete your sculpture to satisfaction at your first attempt. The resulting sculpture will be an amazingly faithful reproduction of someone’s body, a durable and elegant memento. The manual also explains some other methods and more advanced techniques to cast other body parts such as hands, baby’s hands and feet, face, pregnant belly, hair and how to use some other casting materials. To make it quick and easy to gather the necessary materials and find suppliers in your area, the book lists a selection of online shops in the appendix.

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