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QuickTime for Filmmakers
Richard Ferncase


Title: QuickTime for Filmmakers

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ISBN: 9781136132858, 9781136132865

Over the decades, distribution has remained the most elusive aspect of filmmaking. The Web provides filmmakers with a new option for distribution, exhibition, and broadcast. While other media streaming technologies are available, QuickTime remains the most popular option for its versatility, excellent quality, and ease of use. shows filmmakers and videographers how to utilize this industry standard tool and offers advice on how best to shoot a film for Internet delivery. Other topics include: Editing and converting video, adding and editing soundtracks and using text in QT movies, compressing media, and preparing movies for http and RTSP streaming or a combination of both. A chapter on virtual reality explores QuickTime's unique feature for creating 360 panoramas, immersive cubic VR, object movies and VR scenes. A companion CD-­ROM demonstrates topics covered in the book and provides samples of film prepared for web delivery.

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