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12 Years A Slave
Solomon Northup


Title: 12 Years A Slave

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ISBN: 1230000236745, 1230000222592, 9781626862784, 1230000205151, 1230000220367, 9780149463195

12 Years a Slave is the harrowing personal account of Solomon Northup, who was a free African-­American during the years of legalized slavery. His journey began in the year 1841, when he accepted a temporary position in Washington D.­C. For him, it was to be a financial opportunity he could not refuse. Unfortunately, those who approached him with the proposal of employment were slave traders! Solomon would be drugged, beaten, and sent to the Deep South to live in servitude until he regained freedom twelve years later by the courts! This is a poignant story, told truthfully by Solomon Northup. Within these pages we are acquainted with not only his experience, but the strength of character and dignity he maintained in the face of unimaginable indignity, cruelty, and hardship. Contains illustrations, images, and annotations.

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