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Return to Mars
Ben Bova


Title: Return to Mars

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ISBN: 9780795308864, 9780013926740, 9780795308840

Six years after the first manned Martian expedition, a second has been announced -- one motivated purely by its profitable potential -- and half-­Navajo, half-­Anglo geologist Jamie Waterman's conflicted soul is beckoning him back to the eerie, unforgiving planet. As commander of the new exploratory team, he will have to contend with a bitter and destructive rivalry, a disturbing new emotional attraction, and deadly, incomprehensible "accidents" that appear to be sabotage, all of which could doom the mission to failure. But there is much more at stake than Waterman's personal redemption and the safety of his crew. For there are still great secrets to be uncovered on this cruel and enigmatic world -- not the least being something he glimpsed in the far distance during his first Martian excursion: an improbable structure perched high in the planet's carmine cliffs; a dwelling that only an intelligent being could have built. Amazon.­com Review In Ben Bova's 1992 bestselling book Mars , geologist Jamie Waterman and

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