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No Ordinary Love Story
Sophie Morgan


Title: No Ordinary Love Story

1014 downloads, last downloaded at September 3, 2018

Series : Book 2 of "The Diary of a Submissive"
This is no ordinary love story . . .

Sophie Morgan is a submissive. An ordinary, successful young woman who in private surrenders her body and mind to a dominant man. Some of these relationships have been loving, others casual, one just cruel. But what happens when she meets the dominant man of her dreams? When they move in together? When life, love and play collide?

In Adam, Sophie has found a man to respect and cherish her, as well as a lover who'll take her to the very limits of pain and pleasure. But how do you decide whose cooking dinner when later one of you will be whipping the other? Can you be curled up together watching TV one night and the next indulging in a serious punishment session?

In this follow-­up to the number-­one bestseller, The Diary of a Submissive, Sophie tells us what she did next, how she struggled to combine an ordinary relationship with her sexual needs, and how it was she found her own kinkily romantic happy-­ever-­after.

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