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Switching Lanes on Life’s Journey (Abridged Version)
Alexandra B Kelemen


Title: Switching Lanes on Life’s Journey (Abridged Version)

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This book is an essential guide to learn the techniques and solutions for your brilliant and most fulfilling second or third career ever imagined. Perhaps you're struggling with loss, discontent, or disappointment. Or perhaps there’s simply something missing, but you have no idea what that is. Many years of working with clients and students has shown me that preparation and execution of a plan is crucial. What you'll Find in this book: * Easy to follow strategies for finding your dream job, recovering from unemployment, living in a foreign country, succeeding in any marketplace, being by yourself and thriving * Breakdown of the ultimate steps you will need to take to achieve fulfillment * Effective tools that create lasting change * Communications strategy to talk to anyone, about any topic in an effective way * Real examples of transformation from successful women who overcame gaps of time being unemployed with grace and elegance * Tools to create a life plan * Exploration to find your true passion * Intercultural and business resources

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