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Dealership's Secret Tactics: Auto Buyers Guide To Saving Money
Bonnie Getz


Title: Dealership's Secret Tactics: Auto Buyers Guide To Saving Money

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ISBN: 9781927352144, 9780045460441

Car dealerships are in the business of making money – the more money the better. Often, the final price on a new vehicle includes hidden costs for features or financing terms that mean higher commissions for the sales people and finance managers. Closing a car deal can be tricky but if you understand the meaning behind the industry terms and standard practices it’s easier than you may think to negotiate for the features and financial terms that meet your needs, not the wants of the people selling you the vehicle. This handy book, written by an industry insider, who became disenchanted with how many dealerships operate, will guide you step-­by-­step – from the moment you walk onto the lot – to the time you sign your name on the papers purchasing your new vehicle. Dealerships Secret Tactics: Auto Buyers Guide to Saving Money will save you money by showing you the subtle and not so subtle tactics car dealerships take to boost their revenues and to manipulate their customers into sharing information that makes them easy targets. It is a must-­have book for anyone wanting to know the right questions to ask and the appropriate research to do to ensure you are not paying extra for elements such as life and disability insurance, warranties, special vehicle features, and financing fees that don’t meet your personal needs. Close the deal on your next vehicle purchase on your terms !

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