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The Spending Plan


Title: The Spending Plan

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ISBN: 9781458190178, 9780011230092

Because it is often misunderstood, budgeting has gained a bad reputation. We are here to turn that thinking around and show you how vital budgeting is to successful financial management. As you uncover all the expenses you face, discover how to be prepared for all your expenses, and learn how to track and control spending, you will see that it is not such a daunting process. The best, most successful companies keep budgets to the penny because they understand the importance of knowing what money comes in and what goes out. You too can be successful in keeping track of your hard-­earned money. In this book we provide explanations for the driving factors behind our spending and how to maintain rewards in our lives. We give you the tools to prioritize wants and needs as well as plan for periodic expenses like car repairs, medications, Christmas, and vacations. You can achieve your financial goals, and this book will help you do so by showing you how to create a budget that works with your life.

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