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Heart of Change
Roxy Harte


Title: Heart of Change

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ISBN: 9781605049397

True love hides where you least suspect it. After the truth comes out about her age, forty-­something porn star Simone Sinclair is handed her walking papers, ending a career that has become more extreme sport than art form. The final straw is her long-­time partner’s idea to start their own international studio with a marriage proposal tossed in to sweeten the deal. After two decades of waiting for him to deliver the white picket fence, it’s not exactly the offer she was expecting. At least she doesn’t need a man to answer the alarm of her biological clock. And when she shares a dance with Geri, one of her lesbian gal pals, she discovers she doesn’t need a man to fulfill other fantasies, either. But Geri’s not interested in touch and tease—she wants more than Simone is ready to give. Torn between three dreams—a post-­retirement career, a family, or lasting love—Simone retreats to get her head on straight, coming to one conclusion. She can’t have everything. But two out of three is worse than nothing at all… Warning: Contains an over-­the-­hill porn star with a lot of attitude and a biological clock that is ticking out of control, who refuses to admit she's a lesbian until her best gal pal convinces her to cross the lines of friendship. There's bondage in the back of an ambulance, sex on a public picnic table, and a steamy encounter in the back of a limo. There's also some super-­steamy strap-­on action that will challenge every preconceived notion you've ever had about female-­female encounters.

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