If You Believe
Crystal Jordan


Title: If You Believe

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ISBN: 9781605047546

There's only one man she needs to believe in. Him. Unbelievable, Book 1 When it comes to her love life, the name of Aubrey Mathison's coffee shop says it all "Bean There, Done That". There's only one harmless man in her life right nowthe homeless one parked outside the shop. Except the crazy things he says keep coming true. She has to laugh at "You'll meet your soul mate today", though. Divorce taught her that men as gorgeous as sexy police chief Price Delacroix are not to be trusted. She's totally up for a onenight stand, but more than that No, thanks. Price bears his own scars from the past, but he knows instantly that Aubrey is his. How to convince her he wants more than to be her personal jungle gym Cut her off. That means no more mattress gymnasticsuntil she starts seeing things his way. Aubrey is just as determined Price's campaign to wear down her resistance is going to fail, no matter how wickedly determined he is. Until her resident prophet spouts a new prediction her soul mate's life is in danger Wa

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