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Branded Sanctuary (Nature of Desire, Book Seven)
Joey W. Hill


Title: Branded Sanctuary (Nature of Desire, Book Seven)

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ISBN: 9781419926587

Book 7 in the Nature of Desire series.­Chloe has always been a creature of joy and laughter. Since a brutal attack nearly a year ago, the trauma she experienced has gotten worse. She has started hiding from her life, even putting up walls between herself and those she cares about most. During a panic attack one night, she impulsively calls a number that shes had for many months. Chloe met Brendan at her bosss wedding. With confidence and seduction, he easily steps into the role of helping her manage her fear. By the end of the long call, theyve indulged in some serious flirtation and mind-­blowing phone sexand shes feeling things shes buried for too long.­The problem is that Brendan is the perfect male submissiveand Chloe isnt wired for the D/s lifestyle. While their attraction is undeniable, Chloe doesnt know if she can be everything Brendan needs. As a submissive, Brendan would never ask her to be something shes noteven if it will break both of their hearts to turn away from how they feel about each other. Reader Advisory: Contains very light female/female sensuality and a brief ménage encounter.

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