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Ninja Soccer Moms
Jennifer Apodaca


Title: Ninja Soccer Moms

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ISBN: 9781617733888, 9780758204493

Samantha Shaw, owner of the Heart Males dating service, hates soccer. But she doesn't have a problem with settling scores--­especially when deceitful ex-­husbands are involved. So when Janie Tuggle, the former wife of town hero and championship-­winning soccer coach Chad, asks her to investigate her embezzling ex, Sam dives right in. Turns out, the weasel is not only pocketing 16,­000, but has been cheating on Janie at every opportunity. Exposing him will be a pleasure. But before Sam can make a call. Chad is found dead in his office--­and Sam and Janie are both suspects. Detective Logan Vance is breathing down Sam's neck, her boyfriend and sleuthing partner Gabe Pulizzi is working the case for Chad's sexy former lover, Dara Reed, and unwelcome discoveries are springing up all over town. Netting the killer feels like a long shot, but as another cheating husband's crimes threaten Sam's business, her brand-­new relationship, and even her life, the penalty for slipping up could be fatal.

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