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.­NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide
Adam Nathan


Title: .­NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide

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ISBN: 9780768658965, 9780132465847

The focus of the book is on COM Interoperability (since it's a much larger subject), and the heart of the discussion is broken down into four parts: Using COM Components Within the .­NET Framework; Using .­NET Framework Components from COM; Designing Good .­NET Framework Components for COM Clients; Designing Good COM Components for .­NET Framework Clients. The scope of the book is just about everything related to using "unmanaged code" in the .­NET Framework. Technologies built on top of COM Interoperability are also covered-­Interoperability of Windows Forms Controls and ActiveX controls, Interoperability with COM+, and Interoperability with Distributed COM (DCOM). Although Platform Invocation Services is a separate technology from COM Interoperability, there are many areas of overlap, so including in the book is a natural fit. All of these technologies are a core part of the Common Language Runtime and .­NET Framework, and will likely be used not only as the path of migration for existing software projects, but for brand new software development for the next several years.

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