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The Sex Club Chronicles: Volume I: The Oral Games
Toby Graham


Title: The Sex Club Chronicles: Volume I: The Oral Games

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Welcome to the Sex Club Chronicles! In this exciting series, Mindy and her group of women explore their own bodies – and the bodies of others – in a number of sexual activities almost too hot for the printed word! EXCERPT: Number Five, meanwhile, was not at all letting the hard cock in front of her go to waste. The woman might as well be a professional, Mindy noted, as the way in which she played her man's cock was nothing short of exquisite. Her hands traveled the length of the shaft with grace and aplomb, not too fast but not too slow, never reaching up to the ridge of the cock's head, where it might be too sensitive. No, she kept her hands down near the base and shaft, working them up and down in concert with her mouth. Her mouth, oh, her mouth – Mindy marveled at the way in which Number Five was able to use it, running her tongue in merry circles around the head of the cock at such incredible speed, flicking her tongue along the sensitive ridges, engulfing the cock with her mouth and letting her lips run over every bump, every fold. It was surprising, Mindy thought to herself, as when she first saw Number Five she wasn't too sure she had what it took to really make it out of these games ahead of the pack. This was a competition for women who had experience, who knew how to work a man until he cried for release. This was a competition for women who could, even from across the room, command their man's cock with little more than a few words. You had to know what you were doing, and the innocent features of Number Five initially gave off the look of a woman who probably wouldn't be able to make that claim. Her man was struggling hard, writhing against his bonds. It was obvious Number Five was doing a fantastic job and living up to whatever her man had been expecting. He started this contest hard as a rock, and now he appeared ready to burst already. Mindy made sure to never let Number Five and her man leave her sight, as that situation could yield a winner at any moment.


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