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The Listener = The Man Who Listens
Taylor Caldwell


Title: The Listener = The Man Who Listens

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ISBN: 9781618864154, 9780014328994

r is Taylor Caldwell's inspiring story of how ordinary people, full of hopelessness and despair, from all walks of life, find the inner peace they desperately need. Each chapter is a modern parable of someone who has lost faith in themselves, the people close to them, or the world in general. In his final days on this earth, John Godfrey built a beautiful sanctuary which had inscribed above its portal: 'The Man Who Listens'. Because of man's need for someone to truly listen, suffering people were drawn to this place at all hours of the day and night. The Listener, although kept behind closed curtains, would reveal himself to those who were truly in need. True peace, hope and happiness were restored to all who poured out their soul to Him. This is a powerful novel of anguished souls on a self analytical, almost mystical, journey toward inner peace.

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