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The Little Book of Calorie Burning
Suzanne Collins


Title: The Little Book of Calorie Burning

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ISBN: 9780007282692

A quirky guide to counting the calories as they come off, through ways you may never have considered possible Exactly how long would you have to kiss in order to burn off a bottle of beer? Or how long would you have to argue with someone to burn off a Mars bar? From playing ping-­pong to having sex (at different levels of intensity!­), this little guide contains over 100 activities and their calorie-­burning powers. For instance, have you ever thought about the calories you burn simply by eating and digesting? Activities are arranged A-­Z and show the calories burned for four different weights (yes, sadly the heavier you are, the more calories you’ll burn even when asleep). Each entry also gives an example food, telling you how long you must do that activity to burn it off.

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