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Fetish for Bad Boys
K. Lyn


Title: Fetish for Bad Boys

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ISBN: 9781452406602, 9780012119709

Ashley has always loved the bad boys, the rebels. That was the one thing that had set her apart from the other girls in her Catholic school. Ashley is now a grown woman, with the needs and desires of a grown woman. Now attracted to men with much more than simply a rebellious nature, Ashley longs for men of danger. Alone in her beautiful home, with an escaped convict rumored to be somewhere in the vicinity, she now fears what she most desires. Ashley had always had a thing for bad boys. She had the best sex when she was with a rebel, a man who dared to deviate from the mainstream charted course. Raised to be a nice girl, or good girl, Ashley dutifully went to church every week where she had spent countless hours daydreaming about one or more of the men sitting in the pews. More than once, she had fantasized about having her way with one of the men who were dressed in their Sunday best right there on a church pew with everyone watching. Ashley?­s friends had thought her crazy for living so far from the city alone. ?­Ashley, dear, do you have any idea how many criminals hide out in these woods, really mean and bad criminals on the lam who have escaped from the state prison?? She had laughed at her friends? words of caution, their words only feeding her hunger for bad boys. It was a fetish really, Ashley?­s hunger for bad boys. They were the ones who could really get her off. They seemed to know the sexual needs of a woman and more importantly, how to satisfy those needs. The dark shadow was that of a man, and now he was here in her bedroom. The man grabbed her, throwing her onto her bed. She turned around and tried to move, but the stranger was stronger and he held her down. Ashley watched the man, and wondered what the stranger wanted with her. Was he going to rape her or worse, kill her?

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