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The Billionaire's Runaway Bride
Marie Kelly


Title: The Billionaire's Runaway Bride

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ISBN: 9781476164434, 9780033271202, 9781105829147

Glaring back she had bitten out “You don’t understand” he had moved forward bridging the remaining distance between them.
“You are damn right I don’t understand” Grace feeling the way her heart was beating so fast in her chest, the alarm showing in her large eyes.
“You agreed to my, for a better word ‘wooing’ you. We and our families had an agreement and in that you agreed to effectively be my wife”
Looking up into his face she had once more felt the tremors of awareness, the strange flip-­flopping within her stomach tinged with fear as he had glared down at her.
“I phoned you...­I explained it to you, we had not officially made any announcement Alexos”
With a derisory laugh he had grabbed her by the upper arms.
“Everybody knew Grace, my father, your parents and my friends. I had finally met the woman I was going to marry...­and then you eloped. You used me, you used everybody”
Shaking her head ferociously she had moaned softly “No...­it wasn’t like that” eyes full of panic. “Let me go” desperately trying to pull herself from him.
He however, had pulled her in harder, one hand moving around her waist pinning her to him as the other had held the back of her head, his fingers tangled in the silky hair. In a calmer, more controlled voice he had leant his head down to smell her hair.
“You still smell of flowers Grace” his tone suddenly sensual as she had tried to pull herself from him.
“Let me go Alexos...­this is not funny” a quiver of panic on her voice. Pulling back to look down at her his mouth had been set, his eyes once more hard “You are right. There was nothing funny about it Grace. Nothing”
For a second she had stared back at him, her voice now raspy “What do you want Alexos?­” Seeing as a small smile had spread across his handsome features.
“Well what I most wanted was a wife, a sweet innocent wife...­but I guess that wasn’t to be, so I suppose I can settle for the next best thing...­the slightly used, second hand bride” Grace giving a small shocked moan, her eyes widening.
“Do you know what I most regretted Grace...­the one thing I wished I had done differently?­” his breath against her neck sending tremors throughout her as she had shaken her head not able to speak. “I regretted not taking you in that hotel...­not being the first man to enjoy you...­that was my biggest regret”
Six years ago it had been Grace Leotta’s dream to be a marine biologist. However, her bullying overbearing father had other ideas. She was to be married to the billionaire Alexos Manetas a man most women would have been over the moon to call their husband. Handsome, smart, funny and considerate the perfect man, except that her role was to be a convenient wife, the woman to produce his children while he continued his playboy ways.
Now six years later she had once more found herself on his island as part of research she was conducting. Alexos had still been furious at the woman who had ditched him so many years ago, only now it was he who had the upper-­hand and the motivation to use it against her, to punish her for her past actions. Can Grace survive another domineering man in her life, and more importantly does she really want to escape?

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