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Doing It Right
MaryJanice Davidson


Title: Doing It Right

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ISBN: 9780758223302, 9780758268549, 9780758223319

THIEF OF HEARTS There's never a dull night in the ER for Dr. Jared Dean, especially when he sees the woman of his fantasies beating the crud out of the city's biggest, toughest mobster. It's enough to get a guy all hot and bothered. Not that it matters when SuperHotButtKickingChick gets away without giving her name. The name's Kara, aka The Avenging Angel, sort of a Robin Hood with better shoes. But now her latest revenge stunt has just landed the gorgeous doc on a mobster's hit list. There's only one thing to do: guard Dr. Jared's extremely fine bod until she can figure a way out of this mess for both of them. Jared's only too happy to accommodate. Anything to have her close at hand—and in his bed. As for her closed heart? He's got a plan for that, too... WILD HEARTS Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Too bad he was trying to steal her car. Kat Wechter has no intention of letting that happen. Not one to ever play it safe, it's amazing what an irresistible bad boy can drive a woman to do (pun intended). But Chester "Chess" McNamara is not your typical car thief. Seems he's fueled (ouch) by more complicated motives. And to find out what they are, Kat is more than willing to go along for the ride...­(couldn't resist). "Once again, Davidson delivers off-­the-­wall entertainment.­" mdash;­Booklist on THE ROYAL PAIN

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