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Fucked a Fireman
Toby Graham


Title: Fucked a Fireman

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ISBN: 9780014050208

Excerpt: I grabbed his head in my hands and pulled his face into mine, my lips meeting his. Any second thoughts or regret I might have had melted away almost immediately as I felt him kiss back, felt his lips working in concert with mine, his tongue teasing mine. He reached behind him and shut the door to give us some privacy before sweeping his arm behind my back and, with one of those massive hands, pulling me in tight. I could feel his muscular torso, the power surging through it, the warmth of it. Moreover, slightly further south I could feel his cock against my body, its thickness and length growing with every pulse. Briefly, he stopped kissing me to grab me by the shoulders and hold me out at length. “Are you sure about this?­” he said. “You've been through a lot and I don't want to take advantage –” “If it makes you feel better you can lie back and enjoy it,­” I said, reaching a hand out and grabbing his cock through his jeans. He tensed up, breathing in sharply. “But we're fucking, and that's all there is to it.­”


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