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Shannon Pearce


Title: Handyman

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ISBN: 9781452441801, 9780011884684

New to the suburbs, Cameron is thrilled to finally have his own home complete with an in-­ground pool and large backyard. The home needs some work, however, and Cameron lacks the ?­handyman gene.? The neighbors seem friendly enough, but Cameron isn?­t ready to share too much about himself. When a nice young man stops by to offer his assistance in repairing the pool, Cameron cannot resist his kind offer. Joel has a nice body, well toned from time spent in his own pool, and the two of them seem to get along very well, maybe too well. It has been a long time since he has been in a relationship and he doesn?­t know how much longer he can keep to himself; that is, with Joel around. ?­You might not be able to use your pool this summer, Cameron. I think it needs to sit empty without water in it for awhile, with these cracks having just been fixed. If you want, you can swim at my place. The folks are gone most weekends.? Cameron wished he could see or read more into that than he could. Was Joel inviting him to swim, or to do something more? Cameron had definitely thought about sex with him, no question about that. But he still didn?­t know if Joel was gay. ?­Sure, that would be great,? Cameron said, about the swimming. Cameron tried not to stare at Joel, but he could not stop himself. With the small garment that he was wearing, he definitely looked like he had a full basket. Cameron couldn?­t help but get aroused just a little. ?­You can change in my room. It?­s down the hall. Door?­s open.?

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