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Virgin's Folly: Seduced, Ravaged, and Pregnant (Virgin Erotic Romance)
Nicole Snow


Title: Virgin's Folly: Seduced, Ravaged, and Pregnant (Virgin Erotic Romance)

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ISBN: 1230000156877

Kaylee's first summer after High School is boring her to tears. The only bright spot is seeing more of best friend Holly's handsome father, a big and intimidating man whose presence invites her deepest temptations... Successful, strong, and gorgeous, Mr. Langern's held his lust for far too long. One night, little Kaylee finds him alone during Holly's summer party. He takes the young woman's hand and begins to dance, amazed as her touch ignites very old, carnal, and primal desires. Now, Mr. Langern won't let the shy virgin's first dance be her last. And he certainly won't let her go until she's been hauled to bed, ravaged, and relentlessly filled with his potent seed... Word count: 14,­500+ words. “Please be gentle, Mr. Langern,­” I whispered. “I've never been with anyone before. And I never expected my first to be you..­” “Gentle?­” His hands snaked up my chest, stopping at my breasts. His palms flattened against my nipples and his fingers squeezed. Hard. “No, Kaylee. You think good sex happens while you're crying, listening to the raindrops patter on the windows?­” His right hand opened and closed just as quickly again. The hook motion caught my nipple, shocking me with his addictive energy, all the way to my bones. Mr. Langern's face twisted. The smile he wore had gone beyond confidence, straight into the sharp grin of an eager instructor who relished conditioning his pupils. “I...­I don't know. Oh!­” He pinched my nipple again, flicking the very tip when he was done. “Bullsh*t. I think you know all about what to expect. And I think you want to give me exactly what I desire, my sweet young student, no matter how scary it seems at first.­” I didn't have an answer. And even if I had, the time for talk was past. He fell upon me, tearing down both straps of my dress, stamping his searing kisses into my neck. I squirmed beneath him, panting the entire time. All the oxygen in the world couldn't stave off the harsh tremors spiking through my flesh. I lifted into him. Big mistake! When I felt his bulge against my crotch, I lost my mind. Mischievous hands wound behind my back, skilled and searching. My bra unhooked and fell to the side. The inferno in his eyes went from amber to orange-­white. Then there was nothing but pink as my hard nubs filled his pupils. Mr. Langern lowered his face and surrounded my right bud with those devouring lips. I screamed. The bellow caused my ears to open up, and I heard the distant of techno in some far off corner of the house. How distant Holly and her party had become frightened me. Right now, I was in another world, alone with my best friend's father in a place so new and mysterious it threatened to swallow me whole. Goosebumps bubbled up on my skin, as if I couldn't hold all his heat, all his tension. My sex constricted and pulsed deep inside me, all the way to my womb. “Yes! Yes, Mr. Langern,­” I moaned. My voice sounded far and tinny, a meager cry as he flicked, sucked, and nipped at my breasts. His opposite hand rose and tightened brutally on my uncovered breast. Pinching his teeth and fingers at the same time, I pushed up toward him. Something inside me wanted to escape the bright pleasure storming through me. But Mr. Langern wouldn't let me. His muscular bulk held me down the entire time, putting me in bondage with his powerful body. When he moved his lips to my other breast, my senses just stopped. Now, his lips and hands reversed places, jolting me over and over, ritualistically balancing the thunder in my nerves. The dim room started to blur. My dress came off in a single pull when he'd finally finished with my nipples, leaving his soft red impressions on my tender flesh. “Ahhhh. I knew you had a slutty side, Kaylee. Good little virgins don't wear panties so dark and lacy, do they?­” I shivered as he rubbed his dominant hand across them. “Not unless they want to get f*cked.­”

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