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Riptide - The Secret Life of Trystan Scott #3
H.­M. Ward


Title: Riptide - The Secret Life of Trystan Scott #3

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ISBN: 1230000029817

After everything Trystan went through to tell Mari that he loves her, there is no way that he?­s letting her walk away without knowing how he really feels. Every mask is stripped away making Trystan completely vulnerable. Mari?­s the one girl he wants, that he knew he?­d never have, but the look on Mari?­s face?­the way she kissed him?­makes Trystan think that confessing his feelings was worth the risk. Shocked, Mari stands there staring at Trystan. As if it weren?­t enough that Trystan is internet super star, Day Jones, but the song he wrote was about her. That was her name on the music. It was her name etched into his heart. Trystan Scott loves her. Everything Mari wants is within reach. She just has to have enough guts to reach out and take it. Vol. 4 will be released Winter 2012/ early 2013

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