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Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
David Hume


Title: Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

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ISBN: 9781105426483, 1230000233774, 9781781664568, 9781455312450, 9781596258532, 9781438556833, 9785551331599, 1230000026406, 9780486147635, 9781625583925, 9780141442488, 9783655044414, 9781304917782, 9780011935195, 9780148184077, 9780000853370, 9781434697356, 9780140445367, 9781624662867

David Hume, the 18th century philosopher, economist, and historian, uses a lively Socratic discussion by three characters to explore the nature of religion and God, particularly whether and how one can know that God exists.

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