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Texas Legacy
Sara York


Title: Texas Legacy

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ISBN: 9781301619870

Connor's grief threatens to overwhelm him as he turns to the bottle, shoving everyone away. When Mike Jarred bangs on his door, demanding Connor join the living, Connor tells him to piss off. Mike won't abandon his friend and stays, demanding Connor change. With Mike in his business, Connor has no choice but to get sober. But he can't stay away from the bottle forever. Kip fears that Jamie will realize that his trip over to the male side of his bi-­sexuality is over and he'll want a girl. His worst fears are realized when he follows Jamie, finding him at dinner with a beautiful woman—worse, when Kip confronts them he realizes the lady is pregnant and she doesn't hesitate to announce that Jamie is the father. Lane and Gresh find a surrogate willing to have their baby. All seems great until the surrogate figures out Gresh is too ill to care properly for a child. With their baby lost to them, Lane is depressed. He cheers up only after meeting two orphan boys, wondering if they could become part of his family.

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