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1st Down
Shannon Pearce


Title: 1st Down

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ISBN: 9781452437729, 9780011900544

When Travis is chosen as a first round draft pick to be a quarterback for the National Football League, he is thrilled, but as a gay man entering what is definitely considered a ?­manly man?­s sport?, he is also very nervous. Travis has kept his secret for many years, but his attraction to a man his rookie year is stronger than any attraction that he has ever had in the past. With the team well on its way to the playoffs, the attraction grows ever stronger, and Travis wonders how much longer he can keep his secret a secret. Travis was good at ?­playing it straight.? After all, he had had years of practice living this way and he had developed well the art of keeping his erotic thoughts of men to himself. Travis was never without the company of girls at practice or shouts from admiring women fans, who would flock around the young quarterback because he was just so cute. Travis would smile, but for the most part he ignored them. Once the shirt came off of Travis? back, he was nothing but pure toned muscle from his shoulders down to his alluring bony hip curve that led to his washboard abdominals, lined by a trail of hair from his navel down to his crotch region. Travis kept his dark brown hair short and neatly groomed, and with a pair of icy blue eyes that one was sure to remember forever, he was the perfect male for the NFL, particularly one of the so-­called ?­franchise men?, those who could be seen regularly in television commercials, wooed by the many sponsors to showcase their brand during one or more of the prime spots of the NFL games. Travis began to hyperventilate as breaths began escaping and re-­entering his mouth, quickly warming up the hand that covered his lips as he felt a moist body press against his back. It was such a strangely arousing moment, but Travis quickly realized that it had only just begun when the hand gripping his shoulder forced him to turn and face his pursuer.

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