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Some Like It Hot
Susan Andersen


Title: Some Like It Hot

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ISBN: 9781460316504, 9780373777761

"Wrong for each other" never felt more right… Even a lifelong traveler like Harper Summerville has to admire the scenery in Razor Bay, Washington. There's the mountains. The evergreens. The water. And Max Bradshaw, the incredibly sexy deputy sheriff. Still, Harper's here only for the summer, working covertly for her family's foundation. And getting involved with this rugged, intense former marine would be a definite conflict of interest-­professionally and personally. Max's scarred childhood left him determined to put down roots in Razor Bay, yet one look at Harper-­a woman who happily lives out of a suitcase-­leaves him speechless with desire for things he's never had. He might not be big on talking, but Max's toe-­curling kisses are getting the message across loud and clear. Harper belongs here, with him, because things are only beginning to heat up….

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