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Caress of Flame (Shikar & Horde Wars)
Sherri L. King


Title: Caress of Flame (Shikar & Horde Wars)

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ISBN: 9781419907098

Caress of Flame is a Shikar story, taking place in the world of the Horde Wars series.­Isis is a woman haunted. Her life is her own, yet she isn't happy. And she knows she can never be until she lays her traumatic past to rest. But before she can do that, she finds herself caught in the middle of a war that has raged for eons.­Daemons. Monsters from the Pit of Hell have targeted Isis and her very special abilities.­Flare is a renowned Shikar warrior, an Incinerator, able to create and control fire. But when he first sees Isis, the human he is charged with protecting from the Daemon threat, the fire that rages in his heart is beyond even his control. He knows he must have her, but Isis has deep wounds that must be healed before they can truly become one. And he knows his lovetheir lovecan make her whole again.­But first he must convince Isis, before the Daemons and the ghosts of her past spirit her beyond his reach forever.

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