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Unbeautifully Loved
Emma Grayson


Title: Unbeautifully Loved

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ISBN: 1230000127444, 9780044496410

*** NEW re-­edited version JAN/2014 *** Lexie Todd has held on to three simple words to make it through life’s challenges: Life. Goes. On. These words comforted her though circumstances that weren’t always easy, but more importantly, it offered her the promise of something more... someday. Lexie knows what she needs to do after dealing with years of abuse at the hands of her son’s father. Enlisting the help of her best friend, they go on the run to escape the man who threatens to destroy her life. They finally find the perfect home in a safe town after months of transience; they decide to stay a while. Suspicious and guarded, always looking over her shoulder, the last thing Lexie wants is to become involved with someone new. Detective Lukas Gunn is Lexie’s bossy, persistent, and extremely hot neighbor. After an incident leaves her vulnerable, Lukas discovers that she’s haunted by her past. His goal is to protect her while making Lexie his, but she keeps Lukas at a distance. When history repeats itself, will Lexie be able to trust those around her to keep her safe? Will Lukas save her from her past in time? Or will the only love she ever knows be unbeautiful?

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