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The Skinny on Willpower
Jim Randel


Title: The Skinny on Willpower

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ISBN: 9780984139316

Ninety-­nine percent of those individuals who achieve their goals do so not because they are especially talented intelligent good-­looking or even lucky but rather because they find the courage and guts to act in pursuit of their dreams and persist against setbacks. Willpower - the strength to act or forbear from acting in the pursuit of a gaol - is a critical determinant to success. With any goal there are times when action is needed ("I should go to the gym") and times when forbearance is needed ("I should not have dessert"). What happens between one's thought and one's response is the result of one's willpower or lack thereof. Our team digested every piece of media we could find on the subjects of willpower and self-­discipline synthesizing 56 sources into a 156-­page book. We spoke with professors and researchers. We interviewed highly successful people - movie and TV celebrities professional and Olympic athletes well-­known politicians CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and successful entrepreneurs. Our goal is to teach you all that we have learned. We hope that by doing so we will give you ideas for adapting your behavior in the development of the willpower you may need to achieve your personal goals. The Skinny On books examine and synthesize the leading research on an array of topics determine the bottom-­line need-­to-­know information and present helpful analysis in an engaging stick-­figure illustrated narrative. Designed to be read in just one hour readers can consume and comprehend their chosen subject quickly and effectively.

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