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Millionaire's Society Mistress
Marie Kelly


Title: Millionaire's Society Mistress

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ISBN: 9781476382999, 9780033290807, 9781105708176

When Craig Thompson attempts to buy over the Campbell family business, his interest is more in their contacts than the business itself. However, the Campbell’s are not about to let an asset stripping ruthless American take control of their business and they refuse leading to a hostile take-­over won by the American. Now Craig demands that in exchange for allowing Scott Campbell to remain in control, his sister, the beautiful Fiona Campbell pretend to be his mistress. In doing so he expects her to introduce him to the cold standoffish aristocracy and royalty that make up their client base.
What he is not telling her though is that he has no intention for the relationship to remain platonic, making his desire for her very clear. Can Fiona keep the American at arm’s length, and more importantly...­does she want to.
“There may be some truth in what you say. I certainly seem to be having problems getting the ‘right people’ to talk to me, maybe because of my dispute with you and your brother”.
Once more letting his look move down her, this time full of a thoughtfulness s she did not understand.
“Your family are certainly mainstays of this establishment”.
Frowning, her voice had been wary “Are you saying that you are going to leave my brother in charge?­”
Craig’s smile once more filing his handsome features “And how would that look Miss Campbell? Our rivalry is not exactly a secret”
Fiona once more frowning as he had ran a finger along his lip thoughtfully watching her, she scowling softly.
“To sell that story there would have to be one hell of a compelling reason for us to be seen as in a position to work together”
Fiona had remained silent allowing him to think, knowing that somehow things had changed. She had come to see him to let him know what she thought of him. She had known that he would throw them onto the street the first change he got, this her only opportunity to vent her anger before he once more moved back to the US.
“There might be one reason” his eyes fixing her steadily. Frowning she had muttered
“What?­” her expression wary as so calmly he had dropped his bombshell
“If people thought you were my mistress”
Fiona had gasped loudly, her body stiffening in indignation.
“Never...­I would never be your mistress” she had bitten out, angry eyes glaring accusingly at him, as he had given a deep laugh.
“Calm down princess...­I said thought”
Fiona’s eyes narrowing
“I want into the circles you travel in, and having you by my side will open doors that I seem completely unable to kick down”
Frowning she had clamped her mouth shut, her eyes showing the battle raging within her
“So you are talking about a business arrangement. Not...­”
Her hands had flapped nervously as he had once more laughed
“Miss Campbell, as lovely as you are your main value to me is based on your contacts. I have no interest in taking an unwilling woman to bed, and from just one moment ago....­you seem unwilling”.
She had flushed hotly, her legs wanting to turn and flee from the room that she had so recently and so spectacularly entered. She was not prepared to admit either to herself or him the way his kiss had brought chaos to her body, still feeling the way his body had felt against hers knowing how close she had been to returning that kiss, a hot flush rising to her cheeks, reminding herself once more in whose arms she had been.

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