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Working For The Smiths
JJ Argus


Title: Working For The Smiths

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ISBN: 9781458080189, 9780011231624

I thought I was in heaven when I went to work for my friend Emily's parents in their big mansion. I loved the place, and cleaning the pool, taking care of flowers, and doing some filing for Mr. Smith in his home office were easy jobs for the great pay they brought. Mr. Smith thought I lacked discipline, though, which was a drag, because he insisted on improving me. At first that just meant I had to wear my bikini all the time at work because of his habit of tossing me into the pool and making me do laps as punishment. Then he started making me crawl whenever I 'acted like a baby'. Doing yoga on the lawn while he watched made me feel kind of funny, but I knew he was right about my needing to exercise. And the slaps to the butt didn't seem sexual, really, at first, not until my first bare-­bottom spanking. It just all happened so gradually I never seemed to notice, and never really resisted. The next thing I knew I was crawling naked on a leash Mrs. Smith held while inspecting the weeding I'd done, and learning better oral sex skills! The Smiths taught me discipline, all right, and taught me the wild, hot thrill of submission. When Emily came home from college, though, I finally came to understand that I was now a sexual slave to them all – even her!

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