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Hadassah: One Night With the King
Tommy & Olsen, Mark Andrew Tenney


Title: Hadassah: One Night With the King

210 downloads, last downloaded at January 11, 2019

Series : Book 1 of "Hadassah"
Against a vividly painted historical backdrop, bestselling author Tommy Tenney breathes life into the incredible story of Hadassah, a simple peasant girl who is chosen over 127 other young women to become Esther, queen of Persia. Was it her beauty alone, or did she know an important and mysterious truth?­Tenney takes readers to pre-­Islamic Persia to uncover the secrets that helped Esther win the heart and gain the ear of the king, and ultimately to save her people. Interwoven in this gripping drama are extraordinary new insights into the Book of Esther, its purpose and message.

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