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Cries of Penance
Roxy Harte


Title: Cries of Penance

110 downloads, last downloaded at March 24, 2018

ISBN: 9781419939624

Can love survive anything?­Thomas is torn between saving a past love and protecting the woman in his present. Traveling to Africa to save his wife's life, he leaves his m nage unprotected against political forces that will stop at nothing to destroy the black ops organization he works for-­even if it means attacking women and children.­On the day she thought her greatest challenge was going to be interviewing nannies, Celia finds herself chased by thugs. In order to survive she must evolve from Kitten to Tigress to protect not only her unborn, but also Thomas's four young children. On the run and without either Master or Lord Fyre to protect her, the question is where Celia's journey will end.­Content warning, BDSM during pregnancy, lactation play, MMF.

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