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Elusive Flame, The
Kathleen E. Woodiwiss


Title: Elusive Flame, The

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A sweeping tale of passion, romance and adventure, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss' groundbreaking classicThe Flame and the Flower remains as beloved today as when it first appeared in print. Now, at long last, the story that has enchanted the world for decades continues.­The Elusive FlameA woman in desperate straits ... A fearless man ...­A marriage of convenience on turbulent waters ...­Cerynise Kendall has been left destitute and in dire need following the death of her doting patron and protectress.­A brilliant young artist tossed from her home with only theclothes on her back, Cerynise must now turn to a childhoodcompanion for assistance-­the dashing sea captain BeauregardBirmingham-­and beg him to provide her with passage to theCarolinas. She seeks a new home and a new life across the waters,­but all depends upon the kindness of a charming adventurerwho was once the object of her youthful infatuation.­Beneath Birmingham's rugged exterior beats a heart as large and wild as the Atlantic, and Beau readily agrees to aid Ceryn

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