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American Fraternity Man
Nathan Holic


Title: American Fraternity Man

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ISBN: 9780983825296, 9780044559993

Charles Washington, a college graduate brimming with energy and idealism and promise, is swept up in the Compassion Boom. At the height of the financial meltdown, he spurns the prescribed job market to take a job with a not-­for-­profit, sacrificing salary for the selfless mission of his first post-­college employer. Charles is out to save the world – the world of fraternities!
Charles has taken a job as an Educational Consultant with the Nu Kappa Epsilon National Fraternity Headquarters. He’s making no money, but he’s on a noble mission: he will crisscross the country to clean up the corroded culture of fraternity life, driving from college to college, fraternity house to fraternity house, conducting leadership development workshops and serving as a 24/7 role model for his NKE brothers. Charles will whisk away the alcoholism and drug abuse, and put an end to the hazing. He will help transform 21st-­century fraternity life into a leadership experience just as enriching as the Boy Scouts.
The only problem: Charles isn’t nearly the clean-­cut role model he wants to believe he is, and he’s about to learn that he is ill-­prepared for the true demands of leadership. Very quickly, he finds himself caught in a whirlwind of alcohol, parties, hazing, and sex, a series of events and decisions which will test his new values and threaten his entire future.
American Fraternity Man is an intimate portrait of a young man struggling to become the right kind of professional, while also coming to terms with the harsh financial and political realities behind the ambitious mission statements and corporate philosophies. Set within a broad panoramic of the national fraternity world, American Fraternity Man offers a humanizing look at the individuals who live and breathe Greek Life, while also giving an unrivaled glimpse at the power, potential, and absurdity of the National Fraternity/Sorority business.
Through both text and illustrations, Nathan Holic offers the very human story of one young man’s longing for morality and purpose in a world he simply has not been prepared to understand.

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