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Rilla of Ingleside
Lucy Maud Montgomery


Title: Rilla of Ingleside

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ISBN: 9781775456841, 9781625585295, 9782819917670, 1230000036781, 9781455351176, 9781412188098, 9781304662606, 9780013475163, 9780012282205, 9780045012305, 9780149546638, 9781300074410, 9780012366455, 9780014693863, 9780012366486, 9780000752857, 9780013897330, 9780013052500, 9780148813625, 9780014128228, 9780015262792, 9780015523756, 9780012366431, 9780149102421

pubOne.­info thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. It was a warm, golden-­cloudy, lovable afternoon. In the big living-­room at Ingleside Susan Baker sat down with a certain grim satisfaction hovering about her like an aura; it was four o'clock and Susan, who had been working incessantly since six that morning, felt that she had fairly earned an hour of repose and gossip. Susan just then was perfectly happy; everything had gone almost uncannily well in the kitchen that day. Dr. Jekyll had not been Mr. Hyde and so had not grated on her nerves; from where she sat she could see the pride of her heart - the bed of peonies of her own planting and culture, blooming as no other peony plot in Glen St. Mary ever did or could bloom, with peonies crimson, peonies silvery pink, peonies white as drifts of winter snow. Susan had on a new black silk blouse, quite as elaborate as anything Mrs. Marshall Elliott ever wore, and a white starched apron, trimmed with complicated crocheted lace fully five inches wide, not to mention insertion to match. Therefore Susan had all the comfortable consciousness of a well-­dressed woman as she opened her copy of the Daily Enterprise and prepared to read the Glen Notes which, as Miss Cornelia had just informed her, filled half a column of it and mentioned almost everybody at Ingleside

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