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Just You and I
Shannon Pearce


Title: Just You and I

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ISBN: 9781452440552, 9780011884097

Another birthday together, the thirty-­second for Justin and Kyle, is bitter-­sweet for Justin. This year marks yet another year gone by without Kyle knowing how much he has wanted him over the years and how much he loves him. The two men have shared so much already, political careers, heated debates over the social climate of their time, that perhaps the way things are is enough for Kyle. But it is not enough for Justin. This year is the year, Justin decides, to discover the truth about his and Kyle?­s friendship or love, whatever it may be. Kyle and Justin weren?­t really tired yet and they wanted to talk some more, so they lay on their stomachs on the bed and turned toward each other. It was much like the afternoon, except now the flickering fire highlighted Kyle?­s light pink groin that had taken some unwanted sun, while the rest of his tanned body blended into the darkness. Justin found any excuse to glance Kyle?­s way. Even sunburned, his friend?­s body turned him on.

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