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Royals, The
Kitty Kelley


Title: Royals, The

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Amazon.­com Review Kitty Kelley's #1 New York Times Bestseller,­The Royals, is full of the downstairs gossip about the Windsors upstairs. Here's Queen Elizabeth insisting her 17 Welsh corgis appear on a TV special, and Prince Charles snatching one last rendezvous with Camilla Parker-­Bowles on the eve of his marriage to Diana Spencer. The dish is delish, but the stories of the Royal Family also take on tragic dimensions. It appears the greatest crime a Windsor can commit is not infidelity, drunkenness, or unusual sexual practices. No, the worst sin is going before the public, as both Diana and Charles did in the aftermath of their stormy marriage, and telling people about it. For the Windsors, it seems, anything goes. Anything that is, but indiscretion. From Library Journal Gossipmonger Kelly narrates her latest unauthorized biography, this time targeting Britain's royal family. She has included some interesting factual information about the royals, describing the early-­20th-­century history of the family and its ties to Germany. But the biography is a mix of fact and tawdry, unsubstantiated innuendo (Phillip may be bisexual, one son may not be his, etc.­). Of the family, the Queen comes out of the fray best, and Charles definitely gets the worst of it.

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