Point of No Return
Mandy M. Roth


Title: Point of No Return

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ISBN: 9781605049991

She's determined not to give in. He's determined to make her beg. Project Exorcism, Book 3As head of the Sargaidia guards, Nina Janelle is accustomed to getting what she wants out of her men-­in battle and in bed. These days, she's in a losing battle with her panther-­shifter heat cycle, each round requiring more and more men to quell her burning need. Until she meets Commission Officer Jordan Vasil. Suddenly, only one man can satisfy her-­too bad the cocky pilot grates on her very last nerve. Nina's is the only face floating in his mind when Jordan lies alone at night, suffering from unrequited lust. It seems she'd rather slit his throat than bed him-­until he finds her in debilitating pain from her efforts to subdue her urges. Ignoring her attempts to push him away, he gives her what she needs. His touch. His body.­Nina's not quite ready to concede defeat, but she needs Jordan's piloting skills to find her missing brother. Alone with him in close quarters promises to be more than distracting. Losing control could cost more than her kick-­ass reputation. It could cost their lives.­Warning: Contains a hotheaded female who doesn't like having to rely on any one let alone a man. And an equally stubborn alpha shifter male who's is more than willing to go toe to toe with her before rocking her world.

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