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Temptation of a Proper Governess
Cathy Maxwell


Title: Temptation of a Proper Governess

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ISBN: 9780061755323

Society dictates that a governessshould be modest, quiet, and keep to herself.­She should never contradict her employer.­And, above all, she must not attract the attention of any male in the household.­But Michael Severson doesn't see Isabel Halloran as a governess—he sees her as a woman, one whose lush curves cannot be hidden behind a dowdy gown ... and whose efforts at hiding her sparkling intelligence are betrayed by her wit.­Years before, Michael had left Regency England, falsely accused of a crime. Now he is back, dedicated to seeking retribution—but not to taking a bride. But when his scandalous actions compromise Isabel's reputation, he does the unthinkable and offers her his hand—a marriage in name only.­But although his bride's passions are untried, Isabel's sensuality clearly matches his own. And with each day, and night, that passes, Michael becomes determined that every kiss, every caress, will be made with one goal: to seduce his proper wife into tender submission.

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