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A Changing Marriage
Susan Kietzman


Title: A Changing Marriage

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ISBN: 9780758281357, 9780758281340

In this poignant and insightful new novel, the acclaimed author of The Good Life delves beneath the shimmering surface of one couple's evolving marriage. . .­Karen Spears and Bob Parsons meet in college and embark upon the kind of enviable, picture-­perfect relationship featured in romantic movies. Bob is ambitious and adoring;­Karen is bright and beautiful. And nothing seems more natural to them than getting married right after Karen's graduation.­Newlywed life meets all of Karen's expectations. Bob's career is soaring and Karen has a fulfilling job of her own—­one that's put on hold when she becomes pregnant. But their caring partnership begins to slip away as Bob's single-­minded pursuit of the next promotion blinds him to how overwhelmed Karen feels as a stay-­at-­home mom. When resentment and disenchantment build on both sides, Karen finds herself at a crossroads. What happens when reality erodes your ideal relationship? How do you know when to stay and when to...

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