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Cellar Girl
Josefina Rivera

Josefina Rivera

Cellar Girl
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Title: Cellar Girl

114 downloads, last downloaded at February 2, 2019

ISBN: 9781448176786

'I stood there for a moment, silently speaking to myself: Josefina, you will survive this. You are strong. You are a fighter. You adapt.­'As a young mum-­of-­three, Josefina Rivera was determined to get her troubled life back on track. But then she met Gary Heidnik and the next four months became a living nightmare. Along with five women Josefina was held captive in a cellar where she was starved, beaten, and repeatedly raped to fulfil Heidnik's desire of creating a 'family' of ten children. Cellar Girl is the shocking but ultimately inspiring story of how one brave, young woman saved herself and others from a life worse than hell.

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