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Taste of Lacey
Linden Hughes


Title: Taste of Lacey

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ISBN: 9781623000042

Lacey never thought she’d be attracted to the blond-­haired, blue-­eyed variety, but Rye was sexy as hell. And she wanted him. Badly.

Seeking to satisfy a sexual itch for the hell of it was virgin territory to her, but surely she could give in to the pleasure he offered, if only for one night. It didn’t matter that he was her brother’s best friend. She could care less that her focus should be on getting her business on solid footing. Lacey Bishop, independent, logical black female, was about to fuck the white boy next door. She’d question her sanity later.

Ryder McKay wasn’t suffering from lack of female attention, so he couldn’t blame his raging need for Lacey on a dry spell. Beyond her being a gorgeous woman, he didn’t know what fueled his urgent hunger. Her father and brother would probably want to kill him, but Lacey was worth it. He’d sampled heaven in her arms, and no way was he giving it up.

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