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The Cartel
Mark Yost


Title: The Cartel

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“The Cartel” is Wall Street Journal author Mark Yost’s second installment in the critically acclaimed Nick Mattera Series. In the first book, “Soft Target,­” former Marine EOD Tech turned Firefighter Nick Mattera and his crew from Highwood’s Station 37 took on a pair of Afghan Islamic extremists who opened up a whole new front in the War on Terror on the North Shore of Chicago.
In “The Cartel,­” Mattera and his crew face a whole new enemy: Manny Banuelos is the head of the Sinaloa Cartel, one of the world’s most-­powerful, drug-­trafficking organization. In a ripped-­from-­the-­headlines story, Manny and his gang don’t just go away when a newly elected Libertarian U.­S. President legalizes marijuana. Instead, they fight back, sabotaging government labs, blackmailing executives, and hatching a plan to control the world-­wide drug trade. The only thing that stands in their way is Nick Mattera and his brave crew of firefighters, who are caught in the middle of this bloody turf war that’s erupted in the neighborhood around their firehouse.
In addition to being a writer for The Wall Street Journal for more than 20 years, Mark Yost is also a part-­time firefighter/paramedic on the North Shore of Chicago. “The Cartel’s” riveting story is punctuated with an unrivaled behind-­the-­scenes look at the calls and characters that make life interesting inside a busy urban firehouse. Add in a steamy love triangle, a crooked pharmaceutical CEO, and an Italian mob boss, and “The Cartel” is a fast-­paced thriller that you won’t be able to put down.

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